Step by step registration: Buy Coins with BitLQ

Through BitLQ, you can easily buy and sell coins of 121 cryptocurrencies.

We will show below how to register and deposit with BitLQ:

Step 1: Register an account

The registration process works just like any other platform. However, BitLQ requires confirmation that certain information has been read.

Namely, one can only trade via the website if one deposits cryptocurrencies worth 10,000 American dollars. Moreover, the operators charge an inactivity fee if the account is not used for too long.

Furthermore, the website states that the programs and trading are exclusively for professional traders. So, if you are a beginner, the operators recommend that you look for another offer first.

Step 2: Select an amount and choose a currency

Once the account is confirmed and the first deposit is made, trading can begin.

First of all, select the initial and final currency. After that, you have to specify the amount and the platform will automatically display the exchange rate.

Step 3: Withdrawals and personal wallet

One already had to specify a private wallet when depositing, however, the website likes to store all purchased currencies temporarily. has also created an overview of the best wallets.

One can make a withdrawal at a later time if necessary.

The withdrawal of coins is not free for all digital currencies. For some cryptocurrencies, mine has to pay a predetermined amount.

Alternative: selling assets

Selling works the same way as buying. Man sets his currencies and confirms that offer. All open orders and sales are displayed under „Open Orders“.

BitLQ fees – what are the costs?

There are no BitLQ fees for opening and depositing into the account.

A detailed overview of all BitLQ fees for withdrawals can be found on the site and every possible cryptocurrency is listed in detail. Some coins seem to be free to move and for others you have to pay a fee.

All BitLQ fees are payable in the same currency as the coins withdrawn. Due to the extensive and individual fees, the list is very long and can be accessed here.

In addition, the operators charge a maker or taker fee per transactions made. Of course, there is also a listing for this on the website.

The costs are calculated for 30 days and are based on the trading volume.

The higher the trading volume, the lower the maker and taker fees. The amount is between 0.2% and 0.0% of the transaction amount.

There is another BitLQe fee for margin investment. This is a payment for providing margin investment.

It is between 15% and 18% (with a hidden offer).

Since apparently many users have been using the BitLQ website as a private wallet, the operators have also introduced an inactivity fee.

One does not find out much about the amount of payments on the website.

However, one has a box to check off when signing up that one has read the information.

There seems to be no more BitLQ fees, but this can change at any time. Therefore, you should always check before registering, how high the fees are now.