Elon Musk’s Lawyers Slam Motion to Kick Tesla Team Off Dogecoin Case

• Elon Musk and Tesla’s lawyers have responded to a motion filed by Evan Spencer, who is representing the plaintiffs in a case against Musk.
• The motion was to have the defense team sanctioned due to alleged conflicts of interest and misconduct.
• The response filing referred to Spencer’s request as “unsubstantiated”, “frivolous”, an abuse of process, and a waste of the court’s time.

Motion Filed Against Elon Musk & Tesla

Evan Spencer, lawyer for the plaintiffs in a $258 billion lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla filed a motion on June 25th to have the defendants‘ legal team sanctioned over supposed conflicts of interest and alleged misconduct.

Response From Lawyers for Musk & Tesla

The legal team representing both parties released a strongly worded filing on July 6th responding to Spencer’s motion. They stated that there was no conflict of interest under New York law since defense counsel acts as concurrent representatives of both Defendants while their real loyalty is to Elon Musk alone. Furthermore, they described this motion as „an egregious abuse of process“ and an insult to their reputation as members of the bar admitted pro hac vice.

Allegation Regarding Letter To New York Post

Spencer also alleges that Tesla’s legal team leaked a letter to the New York Post which accused him of having history frivolous motions with Rule 11. This supposedly polluted the jury pool which was denied by Musk’s & Tesla’s lawyers who called this accusation unfounded.

Judge Decides Final Outcome

It remains up to Judge Paez in United States District Court for Central California whether or not any sanctions will be imposed on either side from this case.


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